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Subject:NEW JOURNAL ADD IT!!!!!!!!!!
Time:09:51 pm
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Time:02:02 pm
i am addicted to metallica.
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Time:10:52 pm
So yeah this past month has been crazy a lot of drinking, a lot of drugs, found out who my friends really are, got some new friends, had a boyfriend, lost a boyfriend, worked a bit, lost some excess baggage(my fat) and got a bad hair cut. Over all i can't complain much, but some days i felt like shit. i just want to know why people can't be truthful with you and not lie. I mean i know that i have lied in the past but nothing too bad that would affect someones life. Pretty much people have to face it that people lie and i have realsied that. The thing is you dont really know when someone is lying or telling the truth. There is always that one person that ruins everything or just makes matters worse by twisting the facts giving to the person that has been so called lied to or not even lied to at all.

I had a situation that happened with one of my pretty good friends, she asked me to take a shift for her at work but i couldnt and i told her that. See the thing is my mom was suppose to go out with her friend for a movie and i was suppose to stay home with my brother, that is why i couldnt take the shift. My shifts start at 4:30 so i went out before then and got home around 5. Then i find out that my mom's friend cancelled so i desided to go out again. Thats when everything fucked up. My friend found out that i went out and she got pissed cause she thought that i lied to her and that i just didnt want to take the shift. But see the thing is i didnt lie but someone that i went out during the day with told her that i was going out that night so she got pissed and blah blah blah. She still doesnt talk to me to this day. I just dont like interference it just fucks things up. But anyways, i think that i am going to go get my other nipple pierced tomorrow i really want to get another tattoo but i dont have enough money for it. I also have to pay my phone bill that is 175 bucks and i dont have the money. Oh god i am working so much in the next few weeks i think that i have like 3 days off which sucks. I hate how everyone at my work desided to take thier vaction time at the same time which leaves me with everyones shift. So starting friday i will be working 8 days straight. boo.
Yeah so i think that this is the end of my entry and this was my first one in forever.yay.

- Laura
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Time:10:01 am
id just like to say this the next month coming is going to be super fun. ok let me start off by saying that i got a job at a pharmacy.(my first job) and that this saturday is goin to be fun one of my new favorite bands is playing at the dojo in oakville. then on tuesday will be getting my first tattoo. then on the 28th i think i might be going to canada's wonderland. and then on june 3rd i will be going to another show with 2bands that i really like. and then on the 11th, the day before my birthday, my new fave band sydney will be play with another fave band of mine dead and divine. then on the 18th the this like huge show that starts at 4 like 4 of my fave bands are playing.I am so super excited about my job, ok like the guy hasent called me to say that i have the job but my friend sarah that works there and recommended me said that after i handed in my resume and talked to him he came up to her and tolsd her that he liked me and that i had the job. hahah excited. and thats it for now, but hopefully more good thing and exciting things will happen.
<3 laura
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Time:08:40 am

I desided to post some of my fave photos that i have taken. Comment if you would like to.(warning there are alot of photos.
more band picsCollapse )
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Time:07:40 pm
I hate how people think that they are the greatest or think that the things they do are fantastic, when really there not. Sometimes i just wish that i could tell that person the truth and that their stuff is shit and that anyone could do it. Sure you can gloat sometimes, but come on get over it and move on, because no one likes to hear the same thing repeated over and over agian. It just drives me insane. It might just be me that thinks the stuff is bad but when you hear it from others then you know you are right and you just want to shove it down that fucking person throat to shut them up once in a while. god maybe im just a bitch. ok thats my bitching for the day hope you enjoy!
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Time:01:18 pm
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Time:01:54 pm
IT'S DAVID!!!!!!!!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Subject:this is hilarious
Time:08:33 pm

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Subject:BULLSHIT DAY!!!!!
Time:06:43 pm
Current Mood:crankyFucking pissed
Oh my god how I hate Valentines Day. I think that it is the worst possible holiday that anyone could have thought up. I think that this so called holiday is complete bullshit. I think that if you love/like someone I think that they should already care enough to give flowers and shit like that on a daily basis. This "holiday" I think is for the ones who don't really care and it is an excuse for them to show thier more emotional side. As you could already tell I am anti-valentines day. I hate it with a passion. I mean I like to recieve things but if they don't mean anything, I think that the person who is the giver should just forget about it cause it obviously dosent mean anything to them and it seems to us that its just a sympathy gift. Ok Ok I had a bad day and I really need to let my opinons of valentines day be heard. Ok well do you want to hear how my day went? ok sure here I go. Well it started off as any other day go out have a smoke come in talk with some friends. Then my baby liz gave me this awesome hello kitty valentine puzzle, it was awesome might I add. Ok well then ever year at school they put these little cut out hearts with your name on them in the front hall so you can go find them. Well as it turns out I didn't get one, the same as last year. This year I was kinda looking forward to getting mine. I know it might seem a little pathetic but hey I wanted my fucking heart! Ok well the rest of the day, I had to got to class because i am on contract now because I was skipping and failing too many classes.(Its not that they really care how i do tho) So i sat through a boring class of english, Of course my all time favorite class.(not really) Then after class i went out for a smoke and this guy and girl(will remain un-named) comes walking up wanting to go in the door. I graiously move over, enough room for them to get in the door, they decide to swing open the door and hit me with it with out saying excuse me or sorry for hitting you. So i was in a bad mood so i decided to push the door shut after they walked in so that i could have more room. I accidentally hit this girl with the door, Ooops, it was an accident. So i just forgot about it and went on with my day. At lunch kelly and i got food and went back to our lockers to eat and this Fucking girl comes walking up to me, like saying why did you hit me with the door, it wasent nice of you to do that and blah blah blah. I know that we should have said excuse me but you didnt have to shut the door on me. I m just standing there looking at this girl like what the fuck, shit happens get over it honey. I was hit with the door too and i didn't chase her down the hall asking her why did she hit me with the door. I could see in her eyes that she was almost like going to start to cry and all i could say was like whatever and she walks away like all pissed. I couldn't believe that this girl couldn't just let it go. Its not like her life was ending, she just got hot with a fucking door, boo hoo. Ok well on with the rest of my day, well i went to art which was fun. The sculpture I am doing is turning out the way I want it to. So that class was good. Ok last class, fucking auto, (I swear is the worst class in the world never take it)Mr. assenza is a complete moron and i hate him so much. There was like this student teacher there today and he was a moron to like evertime someone got and answer right he'd be like a round of applause for him thats so great that you got it right. Then he would like repeat himself like 10 times and then ask the same quetion over and over again not knowing that he just asked the question. Oh god I thought i was going to die. Ok well thats how my day went the END.
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